Rejuvenating with acupuncture


There is an old proverb that says that beauty comes from within, and the face is, just like the eyes, the mirror of the soul.
Chinese would also add that the face is the mirror of function of all interior organs. From antiquity there has been research directed towards finding new treatments to keep youthful appearance of the skin. In spite of all the resources available i.e. creams, gels, oils, the skin aging process can not be stopped. In time wrinkles develop, skin loses regenerating capacity, surface circulation diminishes as well as its lymphatic drainage,
there is a reduction in nutrient exchange, and skin can not remain adequately nourished.
This results in loss of skin elasticity, skin thins out and wrinkles develop. This aging process can not be stopped, but it can be slowed down. Looking at the skin of aging Chinese women, who maintain skin elasticity in old age, we cannot but ask ourselves what is the secret behind their skin appearance? The answer is simple – acupuncture.

Although acupuncture is more commonly known for its therapeutic applications in treatment of headaches, allergies, asthma, musculoskeletal disorders, etc. its usage
in cosmetic  treatments is not very well known. The advantage of acupuncture treatment is in addressing the problem locally and achieving improvement in general well being of the patient as well. This treatment has been successfully used for the past twenty years in many countries of the world, like the United States, Scandinavian countries, Greece, and of course, China. Wrinkles are treated with classic acupuncture needles by placing them longitudinally within the wrinkle, and on their edges. Such treatment takes about 45 minutes, and can cause discomfort to the patient on occasion. For that reason LASER ACUPUNCTURE is being used more frequently. Laser light produces positive biological response in the tissue, its light energy increases skin nutrition and by directly stimulating the skin cells enhancing cellular metabolism.
Relaxed facial musculature, as well as wrinkles, can be treated either by direct stimulation of the affected facial area, or by target stimulation of the adequate acupuncture points.
By using cosmetic acupuncture, we achieve generally softer facial expression, wrinkles become much less noticeable and shallower, and facial musculature becomes toned.
Deep wrinkles, unfortunately, cannot be completely removed, although, by using laser acupuncture, the aging process can be slowed down, with achieving general physical and psychological well being as well..
Successful outcome of the treatment depends on three factors:
1.    Current skin condition
2.    General physical condition of the patient and well being
3.    Age of the patient – best results are achieved in women about 45 years of age

In more advanced cases average therapy requires 15 – 20 treatments. Stimulation with  laser light has cumulative effect. For example, if a patient undergoes 7 treatments the overall effect lasts 3 -6 months, where as a complete treatment series continue to show positive results for further 8 – 12 months. Early results can be noticed in women age 40 – 45 and men 50 – 55 years old after 5 – 7 treatments. Ideally, one should undergo treatments three times per week for the first two weeks, two times per week for the next two weeks, and once a week afterwards, till the wanted results are achieved. The earliest visible results are noted around the eye area, eye lids become firmer, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes get shallower, and skin gets softer.
Laser acupuncture has numerous advantages, it makes skin more supple, it has positive biological tissue effects, and by working directly on the cellular level, allows better absorption of nutrients. Laser light is aimed towards certain acupuncture points from a distance of approximately 0 – 5 mm, and depending on the laser strength the points are stimulated 5 – 30 seconds. The method is sterile, noninvasive and painless. That is especially important since this skin area is very well innervated and vascularised, so the occurrence of hematomas as a complication in needle acupuncture can completely be avoided. It is also to the patients’ advantage that the skin in preparation for laser acupuncture doesn’t need to be disinfected with alcohol, thus the skin irritation does not occur.
In spite of the fact that the wrinkle treatment by laser acupuncture is time consuming and sometimes very involved process, it is at the same time benign and can be repeated if necessary.
Due to “impatience” of some of  the clients to see the results earlier in the course of treatment, laser acupuncture gets frequently combined with ELECTROBIOSTIMULATION and VACCUM MASSAGE. By the method of biostimulation, an electrode gets placed on the face that is a low current conductor, that augments the acupressure tonifing action on the wrinkle. That achieves muscle contractions, with end result of increased muscle tone.
The efficiency is augmented with an antiwrinkle face cream, which at the same time, acts as a current conductor for increased effect. Deep wrinkles get treated in this manner in 2 – 8 minute intervals. The second part of treatment consists of vacuum massage, which achieves increased permeability of the capillaries with increased supply of oxygen, oligoelements, and enzymes. Skin hydration and collagen structures improve, as well as muscle tone. After treatment the skin is firmer, and the wrinkles less noticeable.
After treatment, the use of decorative cosmetics is unrestricted.

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment, where needle pressure and puncture is applied to exact points on the skin.



HOMEOPATHY is a natural treatment method, based on a principal which states that “similar needs to be treated with similar”. This treatment uses natural medicinal substances which promote self healing reactions. It is considered to be “reactive medicine”, since it observes responses of a healthy human body as well, to natural medicinal substances.  


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities for normal metabolic functions.
The body can not make them on their own, they have to be ingested with food.