Generally about Obesity

Obesity, which is spread throughout all levels of our society, is only one of the symptoms of incorrect nutrition that we suffer from.
Food ingestion is not only limited to gastric emptying, gaining or loosing weight.
It is at the same time the cause, consequence and reflection of our health and life attitude in general.
Acceptable percentage of fatty tissue in men is 15-20%, and in women 20-25%.
Obesity is the most spread disease of the modern world, which affects every third women, every fourth men and every fifth child of well the developed countries.
Its most common reason is excess food intake in comparison to physical activity. Less frequently dysfunctions of thyroid, adrenal or pituitary glands are causes of obesity.Diet

Weight gain is a complicated interaction of genetic, psychological, socioeconomic and cultural factors. Unfortunately, obesity is not only a problem of esthetics.

Early on, obese people, don’t have any obvious medical problems, but very soon symptoms of feeling tired and difficulty breathing occur. Later on one can develop multiple medical problems, like diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerotic heart disease, etc. There is higher incidence of gallstones and musculoskeletal diseases in obese people.  Women frequently experience irregularity in menstrual cycle, even sterility. Obesity influences development of not only somatic but psychosomatic disorders i.e. depression, insecurity, withdrawal from society…

Correct treatment of obesity is weight reduction diet with reduced intake of fatty food and highly processed starches. Unfortunately only small proportion of patients who achieve desired weight loss can maintain it as well.
We are daily bombarded with multiple dietary recommendations, crash diets, starvation diets, most of which give us unprofessional and sometimes medically unhealthy advice.
Vicious circle of weight gain, sudden weight loss, with rebound weight gain known as “yo-yo effect” begins, which is medically not advisable and short lived.
Medically aided weight loss should guarantee safe and gradual weight loss, ideally 0.5-1 kg/week.
With change of dietary habits, one needs to start with physical activity, i.e. fast walking 2-3 times/week, approximately 30 min per walk, or supervised physical exercise which increases metabolism and accelerates adipose tissue reduction.

As anybody who ever dieted knows, there are moments when is futile to start dieting. If you get tired of multiple and unsuccessful efforts, wait for the psychologically right moment for the fresh start.

Motivation can be diverse: health, need for a change, wish to impress someone.
Weigh loss is a metamorphosis for which one needs to prepare.


With such a brave move you will need not only family support, but also a medical supervision under the doctors care.
Do not forget, you started on an uncertain adventure, and your goal is not only weight loss, but also change of dietary habits, so that you stop being a food addict.

An ancient form of help is acupuncture – an exogenous treatment of endogenous illnesses.

Treatment consists of stimulating exact points on the body, the purpose of  which is to balance energy of certain acupuncture points, which is achieved by the careful placement of very fine needles into the acupuncture points, or recently by using LASER LIGHT.

Appetite suppression and regulation and balancing of the metabolism can be achieved by using the laser light on the appropriate points. Importantly, this appetite suppression can be attained without feelings of weakness, dizziness or mood changes.

Inspite of all the above, during the process of weight loss, one may encounter discouragement, loss of will or backsliding. Before you make that fatal mistake of giving up remember the reasons you started the whole process in the first place. Remember the goal you had, remember the satisfaction of achieving it!
Think of the path of that food bite “poison”- satisfaction of ingestion, than “happily” growing fatty cell, cholesterol that plugs the coronaries, pimple on your forehead the next day!

Your physician and your family are here to help and give support, but do not forget

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment, where needle pressure and puncture is applied to exact points on the skin.



HOMEOPATHY is a natural treatment method, based on a principal which states that “similar needs to be treated with similar”. This treatment uses natural medicinal substances which promote self healing reactions. It is considered to be “reactive medicine”, since it observes responses of a healthy human body as well, to natural medicinal substances.  


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities for normal metabolic functions.
The body can not make them on their own, they have to be ingested with food.