Cellulite treatment

Cellulite is a slow, degenerative process that takes place in subcutaneous adipose tissue.
It is a mass of gelatinous like substance that consists of water, fat and toxins, localized right under the skin, in fixed “pockets”, and if not treated appropriately and in a timely manner,  leads to joint stress and circulatory problems. The collections of cellulite occur at inner and posterior thigh areas, buttocks, lower back, upper arms and the ankles.Cellulite

Statistically, 80-90 % of women suffer from cellulite. Often, cellulite gets confused with obesity (although it is common to suffer from both) in which case one starts incorrect treatment, like weight reduction diets, which result in weight loss in parts of the body that don’t need it, and cellulite pockets remain unchanged.


1ST STAGE – is characterized with excessive fluid retention (edema) in the intracellular
space, and with slight thickening of connective tissue due to early accumulation of fatty cells. Edema results from increased capillary permeability. In this stage fatty cells are narrowed and disfigured. On the surface, the skin is still smooth, but to gentle finger pressure it leaves indentation, that smoothes itself out in few seconds.
2nd STAGE – is the condition that already persists for several years, and it is a defense reaction of each individual fatty cell to surrounding edema. In normal circumstances, fatty cells are surrounded by reticular tissue, which in case of edema multiplies, thickens and causes fatty cell disfigurement, interrupts capillary blood flow and venous circulation.
Skin surface becomes softer and looser, finger pressure leaves painless, but a visible mark, skin becomes irregular to touch, and some patients already suffer from visible dilated capillaries on the thigh area.
3rd STAGE – is the most serious stage of this illness, characterized by excessive thickness of the connecting tissue, that starts to firm and retract. Micronodules occur, that are surrounded by capsules of collage fibers, which consist of captured fatty cells.
The skin resembles the surface of an orange, and nodules are clearly visible without finger pressure. The skin is cold, marbleized, painful to touch and insensitive.
4th STAGE – is the last stage characterized by the formation of macronodules, which are essentially clumps of micronodules. Lumps (collections of fatty cells) are large in size  and painful to touch. The vascular supply is minimal at best, or completely cut off, which results in inadequate tissue nutritional support, loss of skin elasticity and development the characteristic appearance of “mattress surface”. Skin irregularity is not only due to macronodules, but also due to irregular subcutaneous fluid retention. The lightest touch to the area produces bruising.

Successful anticellulite treatment dissolves accumulated collections of water, fat and toxins and their elimination from the body, with return of skin elasticity and firmness.
The type of treatment depends on the current stage of illness, and the best results are achieved by combination of methods that work on fluid and toxins elimination, dissolving and melting away of the thickened connective tissue, and the anticellulite diet.

Before every treatment the affected area gets examined using special thermofoil which helps determine the stage of the disease.
The treatment is determined depending on the stage:

ELECTROBIOSTIMULATION is a massage-like treatment, that transfers pleasant impulses, which massage and stimulate muscules, increasing circulation, increases muscle firmness, dissolves fatty tissue and excretes excess via lymphatic drainage. To achieve better and long lasting results, it is important to use acupuncture simultaneously with electrobiostimulation, and if needed, a one time treatment, with acupuncture needle insertion directly into the cellulite affected skin, is added.

ULTRASOUND THERAPY is recommended in advanced cases, since ultrasound massage streches fibrous tissues and improves the skin appearance. At the same time, it stimulates cutaneous and subcutaneous circulation, due to its thermal effect.

ENDERMOLOGY is a newer method developed in France, and is a type of pressotherapy, where the goal is to remove excess fluid. It is similar to massage therapy,  but is much more efficient. Two motor rollers and a vacuum chamber work on the skin by alternating the squeezing, ironing and lifting the skin, giving the patient the feel of a regular massage treatment. It takes approximately 35 minutes, it is preformed once to twice a week, and it results in better skin circulation, tone and body volume.

In general, cellulite treatments take about ten sessions, (daily or three times per week), after which comes a 2-3 week pause. After that, the whole treatment can be repeated.
If the patient wishes to maintain achieved results, we recommend regular physical activity and once or twice monthly treatments.

During the treatments, regardless of actual body weight, it is recommended to simultaneously undergo a so called “anticellulite diet”, since it has been proven that the treatment results are up to 25% better if the diet is followed as well.

Cellulite can be regarded as a consequence of connective tissue “poisoning’, so the  treatment approach is to stop the body from collecting toxins, that liver and kidneys can not eliminate, and indirectly, to prevent toxin accumulation in intercellular spaces. This is why diet is a very important part of treatment, with the end goal of preventing water, fat and toxin retention in the tissues.

Food recommended in the anticellulite diet:

Lean meat and fish
Fresh cow (cottage) cheese
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Skim or low fat milk
Nonfat yogurt

Food that can be tolerated in overweight people:

Whole milk
Fruit jams
Corn and olive oil
Dark bread

Forbidden foods:

Alchoholic and carbonated beverages
Fatty meats
Canned or highly processed food
Cocoa and chocolate
Fatty cheeses
Dried fruits
Smoked salmon
Dried meat products, sausages, etc.
Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup
Animal fats

Several useful tips:

Fish is an excellent substitute for meat since it is low in fat and rich in omega fatty acids.
Eggs are best  boiled, but if you fry them use vegetable oils.
Vegetables need to be fresh and stored in dark and cold spaces, it is best to boil or steam them.
Vegetables used for salads should not be left soaking in the water, but they should be rinsed under a forceful water stream instead. The salads should be dressed using vegetable oils, apple vinegar or lemon.
Fresh fruit can be a delicious dessert, but to keep the nutrients, fruit should be stored in the refrigerator or in dark and cold spaces. Use honety instead of sugar for fruit salad sweetener.
Fruit juices (carrots, celery, tomato, lettuce) are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals
Decrease salt intake, since salt retains fluids
Quit smoking, since it diminishes oxygen supply
Regular exercise (jogging, bicycling or walking).

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment, where needle pressure and puncture is applied to exact points on the skin.



HOMEOPATHY is a natural treatment method, based on a principal which states that “similar needs to be treated with similar”. This treatment uses natural medicinal substances which promote self healing reactions. It is considered to be “reactive medicine”, since it observes responses of a healthy human body as well, to natural medicinal substances.  


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities for normal metabolic functions.
The body can not make them on their own, they have to be ingested with food.